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Hazmat Yellow Heavy-Weight Drum Top

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SKU: S2-76

Product Description

Features & Benefits:

  • Hazmat pads are designed so as not to degrade or react to contact with aggressive chemical spills.
  • Hazmat SM pads utilize abrasive-resistant spunbond to provide added strength.
  • Use hazmat pads when the liquid is aggressive or unknown as a “no-decision” response.
  • Yellow color is highly recognized as the universal “caution” color.
  • Available in various sizes and weights for multiple use applications.


  • Bioremediation is cost effective & 100% Natural.
  • Our Microbes are alive and not in a dried powder form.
  • The process is generally 60-70% less costly than other technologies.
  • Little disruption of surrounding, non-contaminated areas.
  • Virtually no investment in “capital equipment”.
  • Can remediate areas that are not easily accessible or are inaccessible to other technologies.
  • Bioremediation can be accomplished in-place. (In-Situ)
  • Air quality and air pollution concerns from volatile chemical evaporation are eliminated.
  • After bioremediation is completed, the environment is virtually restored to its pristine condition.
  • The process poses no health or safety risks to employees thereby reducing insurance costs.
  • No need to carry governmental chemical distribution, or dangerous Goods licenses.
  • Keep within your budget by not having to excavate, and dispose contaminated soils.